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This is crazy, but people all over the U.S. are giving away free mobile homes, free motorhome and free houses!

Most of these homes are liveable, many are in good condition, whereas others require some repairs. Some are 2 and 3 bedrooms models, others are single-wide and double-wide. Some have appliances! Some have titles - a few don't! For some reason, the owner no longer wants these homes and are giving them away to whomsoever is willing to MOVE them.

Only in America can you go from "Zero" to homeownership with no money!

Let me share with you a little secret on how to search, find, and acquire these home for yourself or your group.

If you don't find a mobile home you like, just wait a few days and refresh the list for more amazing homes. This is not a free network group or sponsoring company. This is not a government give-a-way or seized property program. These homes are being given away by their perspective owners.


Free Homes to Anyone Needing Free Housing -
Find Free Mobile Homes, Motorhomes & Single
Family Homes


Free Mobile Homes May Be Found All Over the United States or In Your Local Area.  Follow the Links Below to Find a Free Mobile Home…
LEARN How to Claim a Free Mobile Home...
Find Free Mobile Homes All Over the United States Using
Go to and go the "For Sale" and then "Free Stuff" Section - Type-in "Mobile Home" or "Trailer" - Select Your City/Zip or Leave it Blank for Nationwide Searches - Select "Search" -


CLICK ABOVE to refresh the list at least twice every day. Be diligent in your search, you will find a home... 

Free Houses…
Go to and Go the "For Sale" and then "Free Stuff" section - Type-in "Free House" or "Free Home" - Select Your City/Zip or Leave it Blank for Nationwide Searches - Select "Search" -
Thanks again and enjoy finding FREE MOTOR HOMES! FREE MOBILE HOMES!


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