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Troubleshooting a No-Ice Complaint and Testing-Replacing a Whirlpool Modular Ice Maker...

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How I Fixed My Whirlpool Ice Maker 
for Under $30! Not Making Ice...

No Ice! It's the beginning of summer and my Whirlpool ice maker decided to quit. I immediately found several YouTube videos to help me troubleshoot the problem. To my amazement, the only tools needed was a screwdriver, DVOM, and a 1/4" socket to remove to the ice maker screws. I found the ice maker module bad, and the water valve good - all by jumping between terminals located underneath the module cover (see video above):
  • "V" and "L" - energizes the water valve 
  • "L" and "H" - checks the mold heater (should read around 72 ohms)
  • "L" and "M" - checks the timer motor (should read around 4,400 ohms)
  • "N" and "V" - checks the water valve (should read around 150 - 300 ohms)
  • "T" and "H" - manual harvest cycle (if the ice maker is working the timer wheel will spin)
  • "T" and "L" - checks the thermostat (should read no resistance with ICE PRESENT in the ice tray mold)
  • My local appliance parts dealer wanted $40 for a used module and $75 for a new one. I told him no thanks, and went home and ordered the part from Amazon (Whirlpool Part# 628135 for $28). Customers on Amazon also recommended replacing the fusible wiring harness that sometimes blows if the module fail. Odering online is easy and ships within 3 business days. 

    Whirlpool fusible wiring harnessIf you have a quick-connect wiring harness, replace it at the sidewall end. If your harnesses goes into the sidewall -  use inline squeeze connectors and splice the fusible link in place. This method is not approved by manufacturers, but it's safe and works great! Always heat shrink all wire connectors to prevent moisture contamination and corrosion. Under no circumstance should you bypass the fusible link, this could lead to fire and property damage.You can save tons of cash by doing the work yourself. 

    Remember to unplug your refrigerator and turn off the water supply line before attempting any repairs...


    Check out the wiring circuit for Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Maytag, Roper, Estate, and Sears Kenmore Ice Makers found at 4:19 in the above video. This is an excellent source for troubleshooting your ice maker and understanding how ice makers work! 

    If you are not comfortable making these repairs, use the USA Craigslist Searcher below to help you find residential and commercial ice makers and ice machines that are for sale...

    Please Add Your Ice Maker Repair Comments...

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