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    Jeremy Schoemaker 2-Hour Session on the 
    Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing and 
    Monetization of Blogs...

Jeremy Schoemaker, President, ShoeMoney Capital 
Speaking at Affiliate Summit on January 9-11, 2011 at Wynn Las Vegas.

Jeremy Schoemaker gives a historical outline of his humble beginnings to become one of the world's most successful affiliate marketers on the internet. His success has been highlighted on Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and many others top leaders in the online advertising and marketing industry. He chronicles is success online from a meager $5 a day earnings to now over $500,000 a day. 

Schoemaker provides fundamental knowledge for beginners on how he got started in affiliate marketing, how he select blog topics, how to generated products to sell online, tricks for email marketing, how he built his list,  monetized his blogs, as well as how he kept his audience happy. 

The questions and answers session at the end of this video is the best! Schoemaker goes one-on-one with any question his audience want to ask. Get you pin and pad ready, because he discusses lead generation, how he raised a family as a stay at home dad, how to get pass the "Google gorilla," and most importantly - he emphasize the importance of retaining followers, bookmarking, and keeping people on your site. 

 Schoemaker explains the biggest problems with Google ads is that people have to leave your site to follow the Google ad. He emphasized the importance of diversifying your revenue streams, asking customers to bookmark your site, and following the basics of internet search. 

Schoemaker told the audience to build their websites for people and not ads or search engines. His challenge the audience was this question: If your AdSense account was banned, could your website survive? Schomaker states to focuses on a quality site and generate a following and the members will reward you with wealth!

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