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    How to Rip a Phonebook in Half! Simple Techniques Anyone Can Learn to Do...

    This trick has been concealed for decades. It has amazed audiences for years, displaying acts of brute strength by the world's toughest men. Through social media and YouTube, this amazing secret has been revealed, and is now available to ANYONE who wants to learn how its done.

    It takes about 50 percent technique and 50 percent will power for the average person to master this concept...

    In the first 50 percent of this trick, you will combine WILL POWER and MUSCLE POWER into an explosive force. To illustrate this: when you are angry and feel like punching someone, your adrenaline provides extra  strength to your muscles. When you are not angry, the body uses the mind to consciously strengthen your muscles. To rip a phonebook in half - will power provides the strength to your thumb, hand, and arm muscles to generate the ripping force to make this trick work. 

    In the second 50 percent of this trick, you will use TECHNIQUE to pinch down on both sides of the phonebook while pulling outward with your hands. The idea is to crack open the pages - one at a time. Give your gut muscle a quick HUT and hold your breath to direct energy to your pinching fingers, while holding the "V" pattern, and pulling outward with arm force. 

    Watch the video above again...

    Once the first page rips, it create a chain reaction for all other pages. It's like starting a train - the locomotor is not powerful enough to pull the entire train from a dead stop. When the locomotor powers up - each car has slack in its connections that gives a quick jerk of movement to corresponding cars down the line." This force generates the initial movement needed to make all cars move in unison down the tracks.

    HERE'S THE SECRET - the so called "air pocket" serves as a guide and slightly weakens the paper fibers. When you pull outward - roll your wrist downward, force is aplied across the pages and the phonebook begins to rip. Keep pulling and ripping in rapid successions. Do not give up until you achieve victory! If sitting, use your stomach or chest to create leverage. If standing, use your leg or knee to "CRACK OPEN" the pages - Watch how this guy does it at 4:10

  • You can do it... 
  • Concentrate and focus your energy...
  • Study the technique and practice over and over again until you feel confident... 
  • Get someone to watch you or record it - this creates a "rush" and enables you to generate the power needed to rip the phonebook in half...
  • You are the strongest person in your school, community, or club - prove it... 

  • If You are Having Trouble Ripping the Phonebook  in Half - 
    Go to wikiHow Website for Surefire Ways to Get it Done - Click Here 

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    Caution: Your Fingers, Wrist, Arms and Chest Muscles May Become Sore from Pinching and
    Pulling Forces - Not Responsible for Any Injuries Associated with This Blog




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