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How to Get a Free Car and Get Paid to Drive 
All Over the US – This Is Totally Unbelievable!

People are traveling for all sorts of reasons (jobs, vacation, leisure, special events, and more) and want the convenience of having their car on location and waiting for them when they arrive.   Most of the cars in the US are delivered by car hauler and trucks, but a growing trend and a lucrative market has developed for entrepreneurs who like traveling the country while making money and performing a valuable service to customers. In return, you get to ride in other people’s cars for FREE. 

Of course you don’t get to keep the car – but you must admit, it is an ingenious way to drive nice cars every day while enjoying the open road and the friendship of others. 

I first found out about making money with ride sharing by searching  Google for FREE STUFF, and found the article “21 Things You Should Always Try to Get for Free.”   To my surprise, a car was number one on the list. The premise in this article is that people want cars moved from place to place, but don’t want to do the driving. Let me explain this by showing you three (3) examples of ads I found on Craigslist describing what ride sharing is all about and how you can make money and a lot of friends.

In examples #1 - 3 below, see how people are using creative methods for making money by posting ads under RideShare section on Craigslist...

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CAR... Example #1

Example #2

... Example #3

Click Here to read this article…

Here’s how to make money with RideShare on Craigslist…

1. Use the USA Craigslist Searcher above and copy the codes into the search box… DRIVE TOW DRIVE FLY
2. Search by date for FAST searches. Use state searchers to find RideShares in your state or local area
3. Plan your return before accepting a RideShare – in other words, how are you going to get home? Bus! Train! Air! By Return RideShare! 
4. Negotiate a deal that meets your financial needs, and falls within the price range of your customer.
5. Put everything in writing to keep it legal.

Others are using their passion for the open road by making friends and tagging along with others as a way to experience the world. Basically, you agree to drive other people vehicles for free or ride with them for free - in return they get help transporting their vehicle for free and/or get to enjoy your company while traveling to a specified location. Best of all, you get to your destination without costs.

Don't be surprised to find professional drivers in the RideShare section of Craigslist, where they agree to ‘drive your car back” in exchange for owner covering all reasonable expenses. This is an example of what ride sharing is all about - getting away from life for a few nights and enjoying the company of strangers while traveling and living completely free… 

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