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Rheem Heat Pump Low Side Air Conditioning Line Freezing-up - Problem Found: Low Refrigerant
Evaporator Coil Leaking - Past 3 Years

Rheem Evaporator Coil Leak - Click on Image to Enlarge

 Photo of Multiple Oil Trails with Excessive Rusting Around Coils and Housing.
Click on the Photo to Enlarge and Get More Pictures...

This problem has persisted for 3 years straight and I'm tired of paying technicians $200 every year to add 3 pounds of R22 refrigerant to my air conditioning heat pump system. When I called a local A/C company, the dispatcher told me there was a $65 charge for looking at system. I told him, I'm not paying anyone $65 to look at my problem. I complained to the dispatcher that I am a repeat customer and I wanted the leak in my 11 year old heat pump found and fixed.

Prior to starting work on my complaint, the technician told me: It's probably an evaporator coil leaking on the inside, because there were no leaks found outside on the last visit. I'll pull the cover and check for oil trails or signs of leaks.

The technician recommendation was to replace the evaporator coils or install a new air handler unit. The repair cost for installing the evaporator coils only was $1,348 - which included costs for labor, R-22 freon ($45 per pound), new drier unit, supplies, and taxes. Of course, the technician strongly recommended that I install a new air handler and the replace the entire heat pump system with a new efficient model. The cost for this repair would be $5,650 excluding the cost of the new freon. I did not have the money for a complete system replacement, so I took my chances on replacing only the evaporator coils. Maybe the insanity of adding freon to the system every year has ended. The new coils have been improved to resist corrosion and rusting that leads to refrigerant leaks. So far, everything is good and I am enjoying ice cold air conditioning.

During my research, I found this class action lawsuit against Rheem 03/13/2014 concerning defective evaporator coils - The copper coils become porous as they corrode and begin to leak the refrigerant.  The loss of refrigerant due to leaking prevents the air conditioner from emitting cool air, defeating the ultimate purpose of the product...

Read the actual lawsuit in PDF format - it's a real shame that high quality manufacturing is sacrificed for profits with little or no regards to consumers. I've got proof (Rheem - MFD: 08/2003)... Click Here

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