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Find Free Game Tables on Craigslist 
Air Hockey Table, Ping Pong Table, Foosall
and Hoops Tables...

Find Free Game Tables Using the USA Craigslist Searcher


    Here's how it works...

    Homeowners give away hundreds of game tables every day on Craigslist. These tables are offered free because many are taking up valuable space in the home, garage or storage room. The tables are plentiful and cheap because the children have grown-up and have left home. 

    Table games such as pool tables, air hockey tables, or ping pong tables are heavy and bulky and require lots of room for play and storage. These tables are given away at cost to defer the cost of moving or salvaging the equipment. In other words, if you can move it - you ca have it! 

    Let me prove it..

    Find Free Stuff and Bargains All Over the USA with the USA Craigslist Searcher
    Find Free Stuff and Bargains All Over the USA Cars,
    Homes, Jobs, Electronics or Anything Else...

    Type-in " pool table" or "pool table zip" or 
    " air hockey table" or "air hockey table zip" 
    " ping pong table" or "ping pong table zip" 
    " basketball table" or "hoops table zip" 
    "zip" means free category on Craigslist 

    Note: do not disturb the special configured codes! Just look at the many items being given away today on Craigslist - it's almost unbelievable!

    You can narrow your search by adding your city or state - after you click on the link. 

    I think that's enough to prove my point! If you can type it, the searcher will find it!


    AK Alaska
    AL Alabama
    AR Arkansas
    AZ Arizona
    CA California
    CO Colorado
    CT Connecticut
    DC District of Columbia
    DE Delaware
    FL Florida
    GA Georgia
    HI Hawaii
    IA Iowa
    ID Idaho
    IL Illinois
    IN Indiana
    KS Kansas
    KY Kentucky
    LA Louisiana
    MA Massachusetts
    MD Maryland
    ME Maine
    MI Michigan
    MN Minnesota
    MS Mississippi
    NC North Carolina
    ND North Dakota
    NE Nebraska
    NH New Hampshire
    NJ New Jersey
    NM New Mexico
    NV Nevada
    NY New York
    OH Ohio
    OK Oklahoma
    OR Oregon
    PA Pennsylvania
    SC South Carolina
    S DSouth Dakota
    TN Tennessee
    TX Texas
    UT Utah
    VA Virginia
    VT Vermont
    WA Washington
    WI Wisconsin
    WV West Virginia
    WY Wyoming

    Steps to Claiming Free Stuff...

    Step 1.
    If you find FREE STUFF, please send the sponsor a statement of need IMMEDIATELY via email - followed up with a telephone call (it the phone number is posted). 

    Step 2.
    Always use my free USA Craigslist Searcher!

    The key to finding these items is to use powerful search engines that searches your local town and all over the state or nation - if desirable. 

    Step 3.
    Be first to the deal! Most of these units are given away on a first come, first serve basic. Set the clickable links to 24 hours and search daily for deals!

    Step 4.
    Claim the item and pick it up! If you can't pick it up NOW - don't bother calling or emailing the sponsor. Remember, it's always about being first!

    Step 5.

    Make repairs to the unit! If you do not have the technical skills to repair these units - no problem! If you have skills and expertise to make repairs - you're set and ready to start making pickups and claiming items! If you prefer, you can put the item in good or like new condition and resale it for cash.

    Step  6.
    Post the item for sale in the "For Sale" section of your classified ad sites. 

    The premise is simple - if you can haul it, you can have it!

    Step  7. 
    If you have a truck or trailer and some basic repair skills, you can be in business this weekend collecting foosball table, pinball machines, arcade video game machines or any other unwanted game machines or table given away on and other online classified ad sites! 


    Money Making Tips...
    Some non-working game tables are junk and should be sold for scrap! 

    Many items are in good or like new condition - these are the  unused or  unwanted items that can save you truckloads of cash! 

    Be careful - do not collect items specified for charity or listed as "not to be resold." The intergrity of "free stuff" depends on your honestly and lack or greed or selfishness. In other words, get enough stuff to save money or  make money, but leave the other guys an opportunity to get in on the action also! 

    Some requires you to make repairs - these are the non-working items that people don't have the time or money to repair!

    All require you to move them using your own transportation and help!

    All items are free..! 


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