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    I'm a 9 to 5 dad needing extra money for things like - braces for my daughter's teeth, family vacations, and all the unexpected repairs around the house that keep me saying my prayers every night. One day after work, I looked through the classified ads section of my favorite website and it hit me like a "load-of-bricks" - people were attempting to sell cars with blown head gaskets, worn-out engines, and slipping transmissions! Many of these postings were unsuccessful because quite frankly, "who wants a clunker or a car that will not run!"

    Today, you'll learn how to find people with top-end cars like Mercedes, BMW's and Porsche (as well as Nissans, Toyotas, and Hondas) who are willing to give these cars away rather than lose money on expensive auto parts and labor costs.

    I've discovered numerous FREE classified ads websites where owners give away tons of "free stuff" to anyone who is willing to move it! No money is needed to get cars, trucks, or even auto parts - like tires, hoods, fenders, doors, and etc...

    All you'll have to do is make a simple telephone call  or send an email to the owner to arrange pick-up. You must have some mechanical abilities to do the work yourself, a truck and trailer, or a car trailer.

    See example below of a 1989 735i BMW received FREE  - the owner wanted it moved from his backyard after letting it sat for 5 years under a tree. It had a blown head gasket, inoperative fuel pump in tank, electrical problems, needed a battery and suspension work. I spent $650 to fix all problems - which included towing, taxes, title and insurance. The car sold in one day for $3,000 cash after posting the photos below on Craigslist...

    (After Selling this Car for $3,000, the Buyer Sold it the Next Week for $4,000

    You can get cheap or FREE cars like this and make money starting today! 

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    • Info on where to find free cars nationwide
    • Info on how to select a good used or pre-owned car
    • Info on how to barter for what you want without spending cash or using credit
    • Info on where to find deals on muscle cars
    • Free information on how to repair blown head gaskets

    Why do I give away this info?

    Simply because it's my way of giving back to people who have helped me along the way! I have not always had a job and know what it feels like to be broke. Certainly, I don't make enough CASH to give away free money - and besides, you wouldn't expect me to do that anyway. What I give you is all the tools and information you need to be successful! You must provide the labor and determination to make it happen! If you don't plan to do the work yourself, pass this info on to someone else! If you do not have skills to repair a vehicle, get a "how to" manual or find a YouTube video on the internet. In return, you'll make money and pass-on HUGE SAVINGS to your buyers!

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