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Write a brief sales statement appealing to a customer need for car maintenance at the 30,000 miles interval...

Sample sales statement - please use your own labor rates and parts guide…

Hello Mr. or Ms. Customer Name,
(Introduce Yourself - Give Your Name and Job Title)
Are you aware your car has 30,000 miles and this is the time you should have your brakes inspected and replaced? If your brake pads get too thin, they can overheat and warp the rotors and cause your car to shake violently when the brakes are applied. 

Mr or Ms Customer Name, I’ve checked on some pads for your vehicle and they will cost about $19.95 for the front and $23.95 for the rear. The labor on this will only be $125.00 which includes the cost of turning your rotors. If we can earn your business today, we’ll give you a $25.00 discount as a first-time customer.
Mr or Ms Customer Name, can I replace your brakes today? (This is the closing statement -  followed by silence)

What to say or do if you encounter objections…

Mr or Ms Customer Name - “God forbid anything to happened, if his cause you to lose control of your car.”

Further objections: 
Mr or Ms Customer Name - “I’ll tell you what - will you let us replace the front brakes for $65.00 labor + $19.95 for the pads and we give you a $12.50 discount…?”

Mr or Ms Customer Name, can we earn your business today? (This is the final close)

Thank you for visiting our shop! Here’s my business card and take one extra for a family member or friend who may need our service in the future.

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