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    Regardless of your subject matter, every teacher needs something new and exciting to energize their students and wake-up their teaching - Kahoot. Kahoot is a fun filled and engaging learning strategies game that uses technology in a dynamic way to yield INSTANT feedback and a high degree of motivation to stimulate learning and retention. Kahoot forces students to take ownership in their education by focusing attention on learning objectives and desire to be winners - not just at the end of the lesson, but throughout the lesson. Disciplinary problems and disruptive behaviors are reduced and replaced with higher level interactive behaviors such as enthusiasm for learning, mastering new knowledge, progressive levels of achievement, and the feeling of pride that accompanies success. 

    Kahoot is FREE to use and does not require any application or installation. Everything is online. Kahoot quizzes can be generated quickly with minimal setup time. Teachers like Kahoot because of it is easy to develop bell ringers and questionnaires "on the fly." Kahoot can be used with small or large groups, and can be adapted to match the age and grade levels of different groups - even through college. 

    Be prepared for excitement! Your classroom will become an oasis for students success. Kahoot displays the username of the top five students and ranks them according to scores. Ranking is based on correct answer(s) given in the shortest period of time. Kahoot works on almost any internet browser (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS or others) and  wireless device. Kahoot can be easily networked for sharing with teachers and students in other classrooms and schools.

    Kahoot games does not require an account to play. The teacher controls everything, from creating a free account, developing surveys, and making quizzes,  to gathering class data, facilitating debates, and displaying mind-boggling questions. Each Kahoot ends with a rating session to provide immediate feedback. 

    If you want to discover how teachers are using Kahoot in their classrooms, read this blog  - "Ten Fun Ways to Use Kahoot In Your Classroom..."

    To get started...

    • Click on Get My Free Account at
    • Use a professional email (school, business or university preferred) 
    • Generate quizzes, discussion questions, or questionnaires 
    • Add videos, pictures, or other animations to enhance your presentation (if none are available, the program automatically inserts Kahoot images) 
    • Make your Kahoot live (public or private) 
    • Read Kahoot terms of use and privacy policies to ensure school and districts' compliance
    • Launch Kahoot -  the platform will generate a pin number to give access to students

    To give students access to your Kahoot

    • Tell students to go to
    • Tell students to enter the assigned pin number 
    • Log-in (to maximize time on task, insert a short video in your Kahoot while others are logging-in)
    • Watch students as they log-in (be warned: some students may use inappropriate username - if so, teachers may click  on the username and kick them out of Kahoot). Notice the participants count on the screen - this ensures that all students are active
    • Start the quiz - if students fail to answer within the 20 second limit, the question is counted wrong. Teachers are allowed to control the wait time for answers and choose quizzes with points or without points
    • Give feedback and follow-up after each question (use encouraging and motivating comments)
    • Rate the quiz for immediate feedback

    The only negative I've found with Kahoot is that some students will not want to leave your classroom. They will want to play it over and over again. Watch what happens with vocabulary words, reading assignments, and exam scores when students know they will be using Kahoot. YES...! 

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