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Is your roof leaking? Need a deck built? Tree Trimming or Lawn Services? What About Painting or Carpentry Work? Craigslist is an excellent way to find handyman services. When searching for a handyman, try to avoid deals that are too good to be real. For instance, avoid ads that advertise "dirt cheap services" or "cheapest prices in town." These ads are usually posted by desperate contractors who are not getting enough calls or work to stay in business. 

Remember quality workmanship sells itself! Everyone wants quality workmanship in their home or business.

Look for Craigslist handyman ads that says: licensed, bonded and/or professional handyman services.  You can insure that your work will be done quickly, and without unnecessary delays. Professional  ads look like this: "Free Quotes" or Free Estimates" or "Money Back Guarantee!" Also, a professional handyman has a list of referrals you can contact or neighbors in your area you can contact to verify their work.

All states requires some form of license to ensure the public that contractors are qualified to perform services in trade areas such as carpentry, painting, plumbing, tile, drywall, electrical, and HVAC.  For your own safety, don't hire unlicensed contractors.

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