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Ultralight Autogyro

The gyroplane in this YouTube video is performing on a closed circuit - 
under no circumstance should this performance be duplicated at home. 

This website is a compilation of gyrocopter websites designed to acquaint you with building, flying, and purchasing your own ultralight airplane. These videos will help you experience the thrill of flight in a gyrocopter, as well as to familiarize you with safety precautions and requirements for owning your own aircraft. 

Make Your Own Homebuilt Gyroplane, Gyrocopter or Gyroglider - Huge selection of manufacturers with gyrocopter plan, parts, and kits - including composite rotors and rotor heads for gyroplanes and autogyros. Gyroplane plans are freely distributed to the aviation community as updates to popular designs and prototypes. Please note, these are not construction plans - as such, anyone who builds an ultralight aircraft using these plans do so at their own risk. 

You will find plans at  for the following:

  • Hornet Gyroplane
  • Bensen B-19/20 Autogyro
  • Bensen  B8 Gyro Glider
  •  GyroBee  Gyroplane
  • HoneyBee Gyroplane
  • Mach 10 Gyroplane
  • Autogyro Monoplaza - Get a free brochure and go directly to the Gyroplane Plan Website - Click Here
Get contact information - along with information about flying, building, kitting supplies, materials, and training...

Building a Basic Gyro from a Kit - KiwiFlyer

Find Ultralight Gyroplanes on eBay - Click Here

Aviation Safety Warning - Beware of the 180° Turn Back to the Runway

Use the USA Craigslist Searcher to Find an Ultralight
Gyroplane, Gyrocopter or Gyroglider

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