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Learn How to Embed Google Maps and Search Bar 
on Your Website - It's so Easy...

Help Your Customers Find Jobs, Schools, Restaurants, 
Churches, Daycare Centers, Homes & Apartments, Auto Repair
Shops & Auto Parts Stores, and Anything Else They Want...
 GoogleMaps_Search  - For Full Screen Viewing

Welcome to another great tutorial on Google Maps and how to find jobs using Google Maps. Google Maps provides a convenient platform for assisting job seekers find work. It allows customers an opportunity to visit a city or town and explore jobs using Street View images and satellite data. Google Maps makes it easy for customers to find businesses in the area that are related to their skills or field of work. It also helps customers match their skills with company that fits both their employment needs, as well as their lifestyle needs. 

Google Maps works in almost every city in the US, Canada, and even worldwide... 

As a marketer, you may want to embed Google Maps into your website to assist customers in finding products and services in their area. Google Maps can be most helpful to realtors, pastors, managers, human resource personnel, superintendents, daycare owners, and other community leaders who reach out to clients by providing resources and search tools  to help workers transition into the community. When you add Google Maps to your website, you make it easy to attract new employees, increase sales, and provide community resources and products to local citizenry.

Use Google Maps when you are selling a car, looking for a home or apartment, shopping for local department stores, finding a restaurant, or browsing the city for parks and recreation for children. Google Maps provide searchable street views, stunning 3-D images, and satellite views that will make map viewing a real pleasure.

Read more about - Google Maps used for job search...

How Use Google Maps To Find Trucking Jobs

To get started with Google Maps and Search Bar...

1. Type in a City/State Where You Might Want to Find a Job 

2. Type in the Job You're Seeking - For Example: Nursing - Hospital, Cook - Restaurant, Pharmacy - Drug Stores or Auto Technician - Automotive Dealership  

3. Zoom-in to Search Target Images that Appears on the Screen. Hover Over the Target, and Find the Business Name and Location 
4. Open a New Browser Window and Search Google for the Business Contact Information and Website

5. Apply for the Job and Get Hired

Now, lets create a Google Map with Search Bar for your website using JavaScript and HTML.

1. Start by using Notepad to create a Google Maps HTML file. For example: GoogleMaps_JobsSearchBarUSA.html

2. Insert the JavaScript + HTML codes into Notepad (copy & paste the information in the text box below)

See Sample Google Maps Search Bar Website...

3. Save the file - GoogleMaps_JobsSearchBarUSA.html

4. Upload the file to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or server

5. Index your page with Google, Yahoo, or Bing to make it easier for customers to find you during internet searches

6. Open the webpage and wait for Google Maps Search Bar to appear and display your newly created map.  Slide your pointer or mouse across the map and zoom-in to a desired city, state, and business location, or type-in the desired search terms (let Google's AutoCompletion help you).

7. Drag the "little yellow man" to any location to open "Street View" images." You'll see lots of blue lines to indicate the paths visible with Street View. Position your pointer in the path you want to travel and explore thousands of images all over your selected city. If you drag the pointer or mouse around the circle, just above the little yellow man - you can rotate "Street View" images a full 360 degrees. 

8. Promote your sites and get ready for many loyal and friendly visitors and customers!

9. Watch your earnings and business grow!

10. Thats it, you are done! 

How to Adjust Google Map Sizes...
To adjust map sizes, I suggest you use IFRAME and the following lines of HTML codes...

To display Google Maps without Search Bar for JavaScript + HTML codes...
Copy these codes and place them in the position you want on your website. Make sure to adjust width and height. For example:
 width: 400px;
 height: 300px;

Reference for Embedding Google  Maps with No AdSense Units...

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Find Free Stuff and Bargains All Over the USA Cars,
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