Learn How to Embed Google Maps on Your Website and 
Generate JavaScript, CSS, and HTML Codes to Monetize 
Google Maps API v3 for Maps Ad Units...

Notice How Ad Units are Overlaid as You Zoom or Drag 
the Pointer Left-Right or Up-Down - Go to the Actual 
Site for a Full Page View GoogleMaps_TampaUSA  

Welcome to my first tutorial on Google Maps and how to monetize them using Google AdSense. I first became acquainted with Google Maps on Craigslist. There were maps positioned to the right of ads, just across from photos and descriptions. It was Craigslist way of helping buyers and sellers meet by finding a specific location in town. 

Today, I want to show you how to make some extra money by adding Google Maps to your websites - particularly those websites with ads that require a buyer to find your location and meet you for the transaction. For example, you can use Google Maps when you are selling a car, renting a home or apartment, finding a job, or shopping at a local garage sale. Google Maps provide searchable street views, 3-D photos, and satellite images to help you point buyers to your products and services.

To get started with monetization, you will need three (3) things...
1. The latest version of Google Maps that is compatible with AdSense - which is Maps API v3 for Google Ad Units 

2. You will need Google AdSense for Content enabled - because Google AdSense for Content will track the number of clicks based on the URL of  the Maps Ad Units 

3. You'll need your AdSense Publisher ID to associate Google Maps with your AdSense account

Now, let's create a Google Map with Google Ad Units using both JavaScript and HTML...

1. Start by using Notepad to create a Google Maps file for a specific location - for example GoogleMaps_TampaUSA.html

2. Find the Latitude Longitude coordinates for Tampa, Florida or a specific address in Tampa, Florida using any geo-location tool. The one that I personally use is:

3. Insert the JavaScript + HTML codes into Notepad...

See Sample Google Maps with Ad Units Format and Positioning...

4.  Edit the codes and include your Ad format - I like the BANNER format, so change:

format: google.maps.adsense.AdFormat.HALF_BANNER,
format: google.maps.adsense.AdFormat.BANNER,

5. Edit the position of the banner - I like to leave this as is:
 position: google.maps.ControlPosition.TOP_CENTER,

6. Edit your AdSense Publisher ID  - change:

publisherId: 'ca-google-maps_apidocs',
publisherId: 'pub-16DIGITCODEHERE1',

7. Now save the file as - GoogleMaps_TampaUSA.html

8. Upload the file to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or server

9. Index your page with Google, Yahoo, or Bing to make it easier for customers to find you during internet searches

10. Open the webpage and wait for Google Maps of Tampa, Florida to appear, and also display your newly created Google AdSense banner.  Slide your pointer or mouse across the map as you zoom, and watch for the Google Ad Unit overlays to appear.

That's it, you're done! Promote your sites and watch your AdSense earnings grow! 

How to Adjust Google Map Sizes...
To adjust map sizes, I suggest you use IFRAME and the following lines of HTML codes...

AdSense Reference for JavaScript, CSS, and HTML Codes...

To display Google Maps without Ad Units for JavaScript + HTML codes...
Copy these codes and place them in the position you want on your website. Make sure to adjust width and height - for example:
 width: 400px;
 height: 300px;

Reference for Embedding Google  Maps with No AdSense Units...

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