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    Walk on Water with Flyboarding
    The sport of Pro Flyboarding gives man the ability to walk on water, swim like a fish, and then power into the sky. The government, military, farmers, and even firefighters are eyeing this technology for use in combat, civil patrol, rescue, and plant irrigation - just to name a few...

    Top 5 Electric Surfboards - Catch the Waves on an Electric Surfboard!

    Powered surfboards are on beaches all over the world, thanks in part to a Spanish firm called Aquila. It has launched three new board types: 1 - Manta for beginners, with a top cruising speed of 21 mph, battery life of 30 minutes, and a cost of $3800; 2 - Carver for high-speed surfing - it is the longest of the three boards with a top speed of 44 mph, and cost of $4,485; and 3 - Aquila boards, designed for high speed maneuverability and weighs 18 kg - with a top speed of 33 mph and cost $3,942. These boards produces no noise or emissions and are completely electric-powered... 

    Electric Powered Stand-Up Paddle Board Kit Installation and Operation
    If you want to convert your existing paddle board or kayak to electric power - ElectraFin has the perfect conversion kit. ElectraFin motors produces zero emissions and are completely battery powered. The conversion kit attaches to inflatable and hard paddle boards in minutes. The ElectraFin motor is powered by a lithium battery and a wireless remote control. It allows both forward or reverse drives... http://www.currentdrives.com

    Teahupoo 2013 in High Definition Video
    Tahiti Teahupo'o paradise is the most beautiful place on Earth to surf and catch the most death-defying waves. It's crammed-packed with live action surfing scenes and digital sound effects for you to enjoy the mountains, the sea, and all those screaming surfboard fans. 
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