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How to Get Your Hands on Some Free Cash 
Free money is all around you, it is everywhere - all that you have to do is look in the right places. We have all found loose change down the back of the sofa or the seats in our cars, but that is finding money we ourselves lost. Every time you leave your home, there is a chance that you will find some money that someone else has lost especially if you have a rough idea of where to look.

Note: You may be broke when you enter the church doors, but check between those cushioned church pews and you'll leave with bucket loads of coins. Arrive early, pick rows that's usually full of people, and you'll be rich by the end of service. Be careful and not use metal or anything that will scratch the wood or tare the fabric. Put the money back in church when the plates are pass and the Lord will richly bless you... 

Places You Can Look for Change 
I find if I watch where I am going, I will find money all along the way. It is amazing how much money people lose just walking from the car to the building. This lens explores some of my favorite places to search for loose change. I find if I am really looking I can come home with several coins everyday. With a little direction, I think you can do the same thing.

20 Great Places to Find Coins 
I like to walk and when I walk, I am always on the lookout for coins. I don't really consciously do this but it has become a habit over the years. What I do know is that most years I add over $100 to my savings (you would need to keep over $10,000 in your local bank to earn the same amount in interest) simply by keeping my eyes open and knowing where to look. Here's the funny thing about finding coins. If you are doing this to make extra money, it's not likely to work.

This morning I was crossing a well-traveled parking lot and while dodging oil spots, food wrappers, and heaven knows what else, something shinny caught my eye. It represents about a month's worth of interest on a $100 savings. How much is it? Read the article...

Where's George - Free bill tracking system help you determine where your bills go after you spend them.

According to "Where's George"? - this is a novelty website created "to simply allow people to track their currency as it circulates around the country and around the world." The website encourages people to have fun tracking their bills and interacting with others. Hank Eskin started the sitein 1998. Since then, over 275 million bills have been entered for tracking. Give it a try!

I found $100 dollars in home depot... I found $100 dollars at the gas station... I found $100 dollars in Wal-Mart parking lot.. The secret to finding a $100 bill is to look for in the same place, at the same time - every day until you find your fortune. This removes the "luck factor" and increases your chances of finding money along with other things that may be more valuable....

I found a five dollar bill on the floor.  I picked it up and unfolded it, and right in the middle there was a note saying, Merry Christmas! Totally made my day...

Many states in the United States, in order to encourage people to turn the money in, have a law that provides that if you turn found money into the police and no one claims it within a year you get the money.  Obviously you would have to get a receipt from the police.  This would apply to any money you find, not just at the ATM.

Ever find money in a Gideon Bible? Money is sometimes left in Gideon Bibles by Christians looking to reward people who turns to the Bible for solace.

"Man Down - Money on the Ground!" Where are the best places to search for old coins? The best places to find old coins is to look in places where others to have lost things. People lose things when they are not attached to the body. Unless they become unattached, they will not get lost. Unattached things are most often put into pockets, with an opening at the top. For a thing to come out of a pocket, the person must not be right side up. Where are people not right side up? 1) Underneath roller coasters. 2) The beach. 3) Grassy meadows / picnic areas / anywhere where people lay down. 4) Anywhere people sit down. (Concerts and plays, movie theatres, parks, underneath seat cushions, church pews, etc.)...

Where Have You Found Free Money (Please Add Your Comment): 

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