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Custom Football Field Stencils for Your Yard Includes Logos, Letters, and Mascots Stencils...

Eagles Back Yard Football Field...
Here's a great video that shows how one homeowner set up his own Eagles Back Yard Football Field. This job required excavating the property, stringing the markings and boundaries, stenciling, and finally - spray painting to bring togather an exciting backyard project. 
Football Field Stencils #1   / Green Grass Colorant #2   /   Striping Machines #3
Painted Football Yard Mascot
and Yard Stencil Allows You 
and Opportunity to Show Your Team
Spirit to Your Neighbors and Friends!

It Gives Kids an Opportunity to Play with 
Their Friends on a Real-Life Simulated Playing 
Field that Ressembles the Actual Game Field

Paint Your Own Mascots, Endzone, Logos, and Hash Marks
for All Your Favorite Teams - High School, Collegiate or Professional Levels.

Do-It-Yourself Backyard Artificial Turf Soccer Field..

This YouTube video gives step-by-step procedures on how to build your own backyard artificial turf soccer field. It gives specific details describing excavation, building mterials and supplies, turf and field measurements, seam connecting techniques, and costs. This video ia intended to get you and the kids excited about building your own backyard soccer field. 

Source #1 - Whitlam leads the industry in Turf Marking Paints, Stencils and Equipment - (Click Here)
Source #2 - USSC paint logos on residential home yard grass, business lawn turf, college mascots high school team names, art, and logos -  (Click Here)
Source #3 - School yard signs on Pinterest - (Click Here)

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