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Dumb Stuff People Do to Their Cars -
Part II
The Many Ways People Destroy Perfectly Good Cars and Trucks...

Watch a Swimming Pool Devour a Jeep!

Dumb Stuff #11 – Failure to keep tires properly inflated. Too little air can cause wandering, excessive tire wear, burning excessive fuel and your tire to run flat. Too much can lead to 'blow out." Balance tires if you feel steering wheel shimmy or shaking. Replace worn or leaky shock absorbers and struts – excessive bouncing is a sure sign of failure. 

Dumb Stuff #12 – Neglecting to change your air filter, fuel filter, breather element and PCV valve at regular intervals. Keep fuel tank full during winter months to prevent condensation and fuel tank rusting. 

Dumb Stuff #13 – Engaging the starter while the engine is running. If you change drivers, put the vehicle in park and turn off the engine. If the car is left running, the natural tendency is to start the car. This can lead to a loud grinding noise and damage your starter drive and flywheel. All starters have some “built-in” protection to prevent damage if the starter is accidentally engaged with the engine running. However, if you make this mistake too often, you’re set for a major repair job. 

Dumb Stuff #14 – Attempting to make the next exit off the highway while the engine is running hot. If your car runs hot – pull over immediately and let it cool down. Continued driving may cause blown head gaskets. Excessive loss of oil can cause your engine to “freeze.” 

Dumb Stuff #15 – Cranking the engine continuously - even though the engine fail to start. If your engine does not start, crank the engine in 5 seconds intervals followed by a 15 second cool down. Constant grinding on the starter can cause the starter to overheat and may lead to an under hood fire. 

Dumb Stuff #16 - Leaning over an engine with a necktie, long hair, or dangling chains. These items can get caught in the fan or rotating belts. Remember to remove all jewelry and watches when working on a vehicle – this can cause electrical shorts and sparks and heat-up to glowing red causing severe injury. 

Dumb Stuff #17 - Hitting the curbs or tire stops when parking. This is the #1 cause of front-end damage to the body and steering system components. Most customers feel they have to hit the curb to ensure their vehicle is properly parked. 

Dumb Stuff #18 – Not knowing the location of your jack, spare tire, and tire tools. Before you have a flat, every vehicle owner should practice changing a tire using the procedures found in the owner’s manual. 

Dumb Stuff #19 – Continuously driving with warped rotors. If you car shakes violently when the brakes are applied, you have warped rotors. Defective rotors should be “turned” or replaced to prevent damaging suspension components. 

Dumb Stuff #20 – Driving your vehicle while it is “pulling to one side.”A strong pull on the steering wheel while driving could indicate a bent or worn steering component, low tire pressure, worn wheel bearings, or alignment problems. Get this checked immediately. 

Be Careful and Stay Safe!


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