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Dumb Stuff People Do to Their 
Cars - Trucks - Part I
The Many Ways People Destroy Perfectly Good Cars and Trucks...

Ford Raptor jumps 90 feet -  hit the jump at 60 mph and over shoots the landing. 
This truck is destroyed and the occupants needs medical attention - CRAZY!

Dumb Stuff #1 - Driving with your "brake warning light on" for extended periods. A brake warning light indicates loss of hydraulic pressure or low brake fluid level. Most cars today have tandem or dual master cylinders. If the rear brakes on your car fail, the driver may never know it. Why? Because, the rear brakes are only 30% efficient. Most of the stopping occurs on the front brakes that are 70% efficient. A "red warning light" tells the driver that IMMEDIATE repairs or service must be performed.

Dumb Stuff #2 - Ignoring sounds coming from your brakes. If you hear squealing noises coming from the brakes when applied, this may indicate brake dust accumulating on the surface of the pads and rotor. This can be cleaned with proper brake cleaning equipment and is no real cause for alarm. However, if you hear a scrapping sound after 30,000 miles or more of driving - this may be the wear indicator alerting you of the need for new brakes. Get your brakes checked immediately before rotor damage occurs. Grinding noise indicates metal-to-metal contact and is a sure sign of brake damage. You Will need new rotors along with brake pads and/or brake shoes if you hear this sound. 

Dumb Stuff #3 - Ignoring coolant and oil leaks from your engine. This could be fatal to your car and wallet. Repeat after me - Coolant is Green or Orange, Transmission Fluid is Red, Used Engine Oil is Black, Brake Fluid is Clear with Distinct Odor, and Power Steering Fluid is Clear. Like a crying baby, all leaks need immediate attention!

Dumb Stuff #4 - Failure to keep a close check of your oil level. Taping or knocking sounds from the engine while driving should be checked immediately - pull over and call for help to prevent engine damage. 

Dumb Stuff #5 - Driving with your Check EngineŁ light on. This indicates a problem with your computerized engine control system and can damage your catalytic converter. 

Dumb Stuff #6 - Failure to check your coolant level. Check engine coolant only when the engine is cold. Do not remove the pressure cap on a hot engine - the hot water and steam can scald you.

Dumb Stuff #7 - Shifting into Drive while the vehicle is still moving in Reverse on automatic transmissions. Overlapping of Gears May Lead to Premature Transmission Failure. Use a Transmission Cooler when Towing. Repair Transmission Leaks Immediately. Do not Ride the Clutch on Cars with Standard Transmissions 

Dumb Stuff #8 - Attempting to Service an A/C System Without Proper Training. Freon can burn your skin and cause frost bite. Always wear goggles and rubber gloves to protect your eyes and hands. Do not weld around A/C lines. Do not carry freon inside your vehicle - ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause the pressurized can to explode. Use prescribed service tools and equipment to prevent injury, component damage, or contaminating the atmosphere. 

Dumb Stuff #9 - Failure to follow routine oil and filter change. 

Dumb Stuff #10 - Never flushing your cooling system or replacing the antifreeze. Adding only water to the cooling system is not recommended. Your coolant contains rust inhibitors, water pump lubricants, antifreeze chemicals, and other ingredients to protect your radiator, block, seals, and hoses. Always check the condition of the belts and hoses when servicing the cooling system. 


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Ford Raptor Jumps 
90 Feet...
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