How to Remove a Stuck Drum Brake
by ChrisFix
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How to Replace Drum Brake Shoes

    The ULTIMATE Guide on How to Replace Drum Brakes by ChrisFix

    If you hear a light metallic sound coming from the wheels when the brakes are applied - this may indicate that your brakes are worned and need brakes shoes or brake pads. 

    If you hear a grinding noise when the brakes are applied, your brake shoes or pads has metal-to-metal contact with the drums or rors - and may require drum or disc replacement. 

    If you ignore the brake warning lights on the dashboard, this may lead to catastrophic brake failure. The brake warning light usually have three (3) meanings: 1) low brake fluid, 2) parking brake is engaged, or 3) loss of hydraulic pressure to front or rear brakes. In either case, if the "BRAKE" warning light comes on or stays on while driving - you should have your vehicle inspected immediately for the source of the problem.

    If you forget to release your parking brakes and drive home with the pedal or handle in the "APPLIED POSITION," your parking brakes will be burned. In this instance, your parking brake will no longer hold properly and you must replace the rear brakes.

    Brake shoe or pads may be of three (3) types: 1) organic, 2) semi-metallic, or 3) ceramic. They are priced according to their material construction and if they are bonded or riveted to metal shoes or pads. Organic brake pads may cost $19.95 for a set of front brake pads. Semi-metalic brake pads may cost $24.95 for the set; and ceramic brake pads may cost 39.95 for the set. Depending on the type of material used in brake construction and your driving habits, brake pads may last from 3 to 7 year or more. Ceramic brake pads are the best and they do not leave brake dust on your wheels.

    You should purchase new rotors or drums if they are scored beyond acceptable limits - this includes measuring for minimum thickness of brake rotors, and maximum diameter for brake drums. Brake rotor run-out for most vehicle manufacturers should not exceed 0.002 of an inch. Replacement costs for brake drums at Oreilly Auto stores is approximately $35 - $60 each depending on the type of vehicle.

    Keep in mind, it's always better to replace a drum or rotor rather than have it turned or resurfaced.

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