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What to Do When You Run Out of Cash? 

Quick Fixes to Keep Food on the Table, Clothes 
on Your Back, and Roof Over Your Head...

If you lose your job or run out of cash, don't panic! We have gathered the thoughts and ideas from millions of people who have lived and survived the trials you are now facing. You'll have access to over 800+ work from home jobs and FREE downloads for easy cash solutions! Simply scroll through the ideas below, and choose the best match for your situation. You'll save time and get back on your feet in no time!

I've selected 10 of my best and quickest ways to survive if you run out of cash or lose your job... 

1.  Be creative. Write abouy your troubles and get paid - here's 101 online magazines and websites that will pay instant cash for writing. Also, let me share with you "How I Made $180 Simply Waiting in Line at the DMV." You'll learn how a creative entrepreneur earned a nice income at the DMV while waiting in line with those little pull tickets, and some extra time on his hand. This story is incredible - Check It Out

2.  Swallow your pride and find a job to feed your family - even one that is below your pay-grade or status. If you are unemployed, get back in school and check out the Hot 50 Jobs of the future based on average salary, education training, and annual growth.

3.  Get a personal loan from a bank or lender before you lose your job or run out of money. Read all about credit scoring and their relationship to interest rates - Click Here Get your Credit Repair Kit - FREE DOWNLOAD (3.96 MB zip file) 

4.   Cash in on some of those low interest rate loan offers that come in the mail. Only borrow enough money to help you with your essentials - food, clothing, and shelter. 

5.  Make money collecting free stuff and sell your valuables that are not being used - make money buying and sell old iPhones, top rated kid toys, motorcycles, ATV's, boats, or even RV's. 

6.  If you have to choose between eating and paying the rent or mortgage, it's past time to seek out social agencies to help you with food stamps (SNAP), Section 8 housing assistance, utilities assistance (LIHEAP), and unemployment benefits unemployment benefits. For Government Benefits - Click Here

7.  Quit spending except for essentials - food, clothing, and shelter. Let the movie services go. No eating out at restaurants - cook your own food. Shop for groceries with coupons and save money!.

8.  Work From Home to generate some extra cash -  mow yards, collect metal and recycle scrap iron, sell stuff online on Craigslist or Backpage, get gigs on Fiverr, start a cleaning service, or work as a baby sitter.  Find 800+ legitimate Work From Home jobs - Click Here

9.  If you have a home, get a home equity loan or get a cash-out refinance loan. Older adults may want to consider a reverse mortgage - where they can get a monthly check until they die or leave their home. See more emergency cash tips - Click Here!

10. Move back home or live with a friend - If your home is in jeapordy of foreclosure, here's what to do to prevent  losing your home - Click Here (Go to the bottom of the page) 

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