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Google AdSense - How to Make Over $1,500 a Month 
on Your Home Computer - Part 1


    AdSense regularly pays website publishers and individuals for displaying relevant Google ads on their websites. Google ads will match the content of the site so you don't have to go looking for advertisers.

    AdSense is not a get rich scheme, neither does it promises you a fortune without doing any work.

    These are only lies to get you to send them your hard earned money. Today, you'll learn an easy internet marketing concept that has helped millions of people generate huge sums of cash every month.

    Before "jumping the gun," you need to learn the requirements of the program (what do I need?)...:

    An Internet Connection
    A website with original content and URL that you can edit - if you don't have a website, you can create one at Blogger
    A valid payee name and mailing address to receive payments
    A little time on your hands to set-up everything

    AdSense requires you to place codes on your website. Blogger provides the easiest way to get html codes on your sites. Their website interfaces with Google to provide point and click placement of ads. If you have html experience, you may generate ad codes directly from your AdSense account - use the AdSense Setup tab. I personally like graphic ads at the top of my headings and text only ads at my footer. You can place up to three ads per web page without violating any rules.

    If you want to make more more money, then spend more time developing your blogs and websites and adding quality content to your pages. Time and quality are your biggest investments! That's about it, no money is ever needed to get started or during this program. Everything is 100% free!


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